Using Simulation-based training to address complex clinical problems in early-year pharmacy students

It should be at least 1,000 words in length and include the following:
• Aim and objectives: What are the central aims and research questions that will guide your research? Explain what questions you are trying to answer or which hypotheses you want to test. Prioritize one or two central questions from which you can derive secondary ones.
• Rationale: Contextualize your aims and objectives in a broader field of study, identifying the main literature or authors that you are addressing.
• Methodology: Explain how you are going to conduct your research; what information you would need, how you would collect it and how you are going to analyze it. This only needs to be indicative at the moment.
• Timeline: Provide a summary of what you are planning to do and when.
• Bibliography: Provide a short bibliography of key publications related to your research question.

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