Statistics Analysis

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Note that there is a total of 10 questions. You are only expected to complete the first five questions 1-5.

For this assignment, complete the statistical analyses in the attached MS Word document using the attached dataset. All results and findings must be reported using APA format based on the resources provided on Moodle (How to Interpret & Report Results in APA?, Sample Analyses and Sample Basic Regression Analysis).
Submit the following documents for grading:
MS Word document with results and report (File Name: A1_Results & Report_Last Name1_& Last Name2)
MS Word document with Exported SPSS Outputs (File Name: A1_SPSS Outputs_Last Name1_& Last Name2)
Grading Criteria:
Analyses, Results, & Interpretations/Report = 90 points
Effort, Instructions Followed, Submission on Time = 10 points
Total = 100 points

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