should we refund the police ?

There will be a five-page paper due on Tuesday, March 8th, by 12:00 noon. This position paper will be titled, “Should We Defund the Police?” It will be in APA format, with a cover page and works cited page. The paper is to be printed out and turned into the instructor, in person. Papers should be printed on one-side and not double sided.

Paper Assessment

The categories to be assessed will be on neatness and whether the paper was proof-read with a clear introduction and works clearly identified; relevance, showing the student is writing effectively; content clarity, having the student support the facts or evidence, does the student discuss various issues on the topic, and are all the ideas clear and logical, with the student suggesting possible solutions? Is the paper well organized, using APA citations? Is the writing style well-organized with logical sentence structure, with clear paragraphs and transitions? Finally, are words spelled correctly, with conventional punctuation and sentences?

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