What can public health do about the development of these conditions today?

This assignment is split into 2 parts. Please be sure to complete both. After you are done make sure when submitting you head part 1 and part 2 separately.

Part 1:

Watch the video I have linked below.
Please note: you are only required to watch the 20 minute segment that can be viewed here:

You will need to log in
Email/login: gchsocw445@gmail.com
Password: Gmusdh2017

After you finish watching the video. Respond to *one* of the questions below in 5-7 sentences:
The film excerpt focuses on how three separate entities—the real estate industry, federal policy, and the banking industry—enabled and institutionalized segregation and wealth disparities for decades. What did you find most striking or surprising? How does this add to or modify your understanding of structural/institutionalized racism?
What can public health do about the development of these conditions today?
Reflect on how health consequences of what you witnessed in the film are likely exacerbated by the daily experiences of racism at the interpersonal level.


Choose one of these programs below
Choice A: GirlTrek
Choice B: Walking School Bus
Choice C: Promotoras
Step 2: What types of social support is the program trying to increase?
Step 3: How may this type of social support improve health? “

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