What strategies could you use to see if your project goals can be met?

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Part IV Submit Parts I, II, III, and IV of your Capstone for instructor feedback this week. Assessment of Proposed Solutions (one to two pages) Include feedback, tests, pilot, and trial information that indicate project feasibility (i.e., how the project could be tested on a smaller scale or how the proposal could be tested before fully rolling out). What can you do to change the project if you get started and something is not working the way you envisioned? What strategies could you use to see if your project goals can be met? Do you need to revise your goals? Solution and Design Alternatives/Plan B (one to two pages) Examine alternatives based on studies and literature but connect to the organization’s usual strategies, offer a creative alternative solution, and provide a rationale for, and a critical analysis of, the alternative. Plan B will be utilized in case your Plan A does not work out for some reason. This allows you to still do the project, but with modifications. Risk Assessments and Strategies for Potential Barriers (two pages) Examine legal and regulatory matters that may impact project implementation either for the specific organization or any national or state-level laws or policies that you might need to consider in the design or implementation of your project (i.e. HIPAA and confidentiality). Literature review Complete your literature review with a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed, scholarly sources. Peer-reviewed scholarly sources from academic and professional journals are the gold standard (.gov and .edu sources may have credible information, but use them sparingly). Do not use material from .com and other commercial sources. (Use your school Library as a starting place for your research, and use additional professional resources.) ——- I can send 3 sources from my school library. Include the following in this literature review section: -Literature Search Strategies Databases and Keywords – Inclusion and Exclusion of Sources – Grading Research Literature Quality (CRAAP Test) – Review of the Literature: For each source in one to two paragraphs describe: Who wrote the study/article? -The topic and describe the study design -Outcomes and measurements -Results -Recommendations -Quality of the article and what you used (i.e. CRAAP Test —————i’ve attached my part 1,2,3 of my project.

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