Explain how this article would appeal to an international B2B or B2G company.

Congratulations! Youve just launched your career as a freelance copywriter! You notice that most of the gigsclient projectsare associated with writing content for articles, white papers, or blogs that help companies get their website pages ranked high and maximize SEO.

Select an international B2B (business to business) or B2G (business to government) company, and think of an article you would like to write for this companys website.

Step 1. Formulate your ideas for your article by:

picking a topic that is narrow and focused.
identifying and analyzing your target audience.
identifying key words and phrases that will be important as search phrases that people type when they are looking for information online.
Step 2. Write a 500-word article on your topic and:

include a compelling title and supportive subheadings.
use five to seven keyword phrases in your article; do not use the keywords more than 10 times in your article. Bold your keywords/phrases.
be sure to check your article for tone, flow, and grammar. (HINT: Read your article aloud and listen for how the language flows. It can get tricky when youre incorporating key words.)
include your article in an appendix to your paper.
choose an image you would use in your article and include it.
Step 3. Write a paper that:

describes your company and the article you are writing for it. Explain how this article would appeal to an international B2B or B2G company.
identifies the keywords/keyword phrases for your article. Explain how you analyzed and identified these keywords/phrases, and include how they relate to your target audience and their online searches.
uses references to explain how and why youve created your content as you haveyour choice of language and images, use of headlines, and so forth.
analyzes how your content will appeal to a global audience.
identifies and describes any potential ethical issues with your content.

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