Based on the story “The Yellow Wallpaper”, what things in our world would they like or dislike about today?

Jane from “The Yellow Wallpaper” Imagine that you could go back in time, into their world, and interview them. I would like you to answer a series of questions that you would ask the character from the story that you’ve chosen using the text as a reference to how you think they would respond. Don’t state what happened in the story as if this was a quiz- this is an exploration of how the character might be in the everyday world. NOTE: Write this as if you already had a hypothetical discussion rather than a sit-down interview in real time. DO NOT WRITE this as a real-time interview where you would write “We sat down over coffee in my living room and I asked ______ , and they said ______. And then I asked them ______.” In other words, justify your responses using specific references from the story that support why you believe they would answer these questions. I’m looking for 7-8 sentences as your target length for each response. Given that you have to include quotes from the story in order to respond, I think at least 7 sentences for each question should be enough for me. They are as follows: What makes them laugh? What makes them cry / would make them sad? What is their biggest secret? What is their most treasured memory – or, their most terrible memory? Now imagine you could bring them back with you to the present day. What would they think about the world that we live in now? Based on the story, what things in our world would they like or dislike about today?

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