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PERSONALITY TEST ASSIGNMENT As an introduction to the unit on Personality, take the following tests by computer (easiest way is to Google personality tests. That will take you to personality tools and tests. The other way you can get into the same site is through These tests are free. DO NOT GO TO A SITE THAT REQUIRES YOU TO PAY. Big 5/ Global 5 (Sloan Test) Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator Write a three page essay covering the following on one of the tests you took: Which test did you take? What were your results? Describe what those results mean? What did you learn about yourself? What did you know about yourself that was confirmed by the tests? If the website that you chose to take your test on does not give you a detailed description of your results for free, there are many websites that will if you go back to your Google search on the personality tests or search on the test you chose adding the keyword results or results interpretation.Show more

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