Write with as much specificity as possible, organizing your discussion with care.

I need an analytical essay about the trends: modernism and post modernism. and answers the question mentioned in the file attached .

the details and the literary works to analyze and use as proof are uploaded in file.

kindly note that:

– each body paragraph should start with a topic sentence or (controlling sentence ) that tells the reader what are you going to do in that paragraph .that explains what are you going to discuss in this paragraph.

– (the organization is very important to structure meaning I want a logical arrangement of ideas throughout the paper I don’t want you to shift from one idea to another especially within the paragraph if you’re gonna start the paragraph with the topic sentence make sure that everything in that paragraph is about that topic sentence I want an essay that the reader can follow up easily an argument that is very convincing when you shift from one paragraph to another to make sure that the first paragraph ends with a sentence that guaranteed the TRANSITION easily and smoothly and logically.

– the content you provide is the major part of your essay. the argument you provide for the analysis, whatever you providing you have to have important ANALYSIS and information that CLARIFIES or answers your thesis statement .

– USE sources to SUPPORT the points you’re saying (QUOTATIONS from the works names mentioned in file attached). but remember you gotta use the MLA formatting which is very important whether in the work cited page at the end of the essay if youre citing from any sources and whether its in the intext citation like youre writing in a paragraph and you putting up quotation make sure how to use the intext citation right.

FINALLY, your conclusion shouldn’t include any new points. instead, it should include a summary, results, and your personal opinion of what you wrote.

Write with as much specificity as possible, organizing your discussion with care.

(I do not want you to pad your answer I want your own analysis, supported by relevant quotations).