Web mining as a tool for official statistics OR Privacy in crime preventing data mining.

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The essay should summarize and/or analyze the topic
and apply it on an existing or non-existing organization preferably on a public organization in Europe. Please use 3-5 research papers/articles (e.g. Google Scholar).

The essay should have a theoretical part where concepts from research literature are introduced. The essay should be based on at least three research papers/articles – which should be referenced in the essay. The essay should also have a practical part where the
concepts in the theoretical part are applied on an existing or non-existing organization. The essay should include a part where the student describe how to transform the essay to a research contribution.

The essay shall include the following:
● The abstract should summarize the content of the essay, and should include the problem statement, the research question or goal, and the result or conclusion

● The essay start with a short background that will provide a general context to the problem
● The problem should be stated in one sentence – that is the problem statement
● Start the problem statement/sentence with ”The problem
addressed in this essay is…”, so it is obvious for the reader what the problem is
● The problem statement should also be discussed, that is, elaborated around, in order to justify the problem.
● That is, the problem should – for the higher grades – be
justified. The problem can be justified in literature, or in your own experiences from an organization.
● If the problem is justified in literature, describe in which way and refer to the literature
● If the problem is justify in your own experiences/practice from an organization, discribe this experience/practice in detail

Research question (or goal)
● The research question should be stated in one sentence – and in form of a question
● Start expressing the research question in the following way: ”The research question to be answered in this essay is: …”
● The research question can be replaced by a goal statement
● If you use a goal statement instead, start expressing the goal statement in the following way: ”The goal of this essay is to …”
● The research question should be repeated in the conclusion and be answered, and – for the higher grades – the answer should be discussed and reflected upon
● If you have a goal statement instead of a research question, you need to repeat the goal in the conclusion, describe the achievement of the goal, and – for higher grades – the goal achievement should be discussed and reflected upon

Reseach method applied
● Describe the method you have used
● This is not an important part of the essay, so this can be done in a paragraph or more
● The method could be described using simple words – you do not need to refer to or state research strategy or research method used – but, of course, you could

● The structure should be logical both when it comes to the
relationships between different chapters/sections and the
relationships between different paragraphs within the
● For example, it should make sense why a certain paragraph is followed by another
● You can test this by reading the first sentence of each paragraph, and, thereby, check that there is a logical flow between the paragraphs

● You should base most of your arguments on literature – that is, you should refer to literature in the essay
● Reflection is great – but it should be clear when it is your
reflections, and when you base the statements on literature
● Depth in argumentation is achieved when there are additional arguments supporting a certain argument used

Concepts/Theoretical base
● This part of the essay presents the theoretical base and concepts –and it is based on literature, which should be clearly referenced
● Major concepts should be defined

Application of theoretical base
● This part of the essay is the practical part and presents how the theoretical base/concepts is/are applied on an existing or non-existing organization
● You need to shortly describe the existing or non-existing
organization – and make it clear if you use an existing or non-existing organization. An existing one can be one from your own experience or one found in literature
● You also need to present the application of the theoretical base/concepts
● Finally, you need to discuss/reflect over the application, for exemple, discuss its major contribution and/or some interesting aspects of the applications

How to make the essay to a
research contribution
● You need to describe what you need to do in order to develop the essay into a research contribution
● For example, what activities need to be carried out and what additional data/information do you need collect and what do you need to analyze
● You need suggest and argue for research strategy and research methods to be applied

Conclusion and Future research
● You need to conclude your essay
● Repeat the research question and answer it – or if you use a goal – repeat the goal statement and describe how you achieved the goal
● Discuss and/or reflection about the answer
● Suggest future research

● Show examples of original thinking, that is, some own ideas/reflection, for example in the conclusion, in discussions/reflections, or in the practical application
part of the essay

● The language should be easy to read
● The first (or second) sentence of each paragraph should summarize the major idea of the paragraph – the rest of the sentences in the paragraph elaborate around/argue for the major idea
● By reading the first sentance in each paragraph, it should be possible to understand the major ideas and flow of logic
● A good rules is: Only one idea in each paragraph
● Use short sentences – although best is to mix short and longer sentences

● The essay should be based on at least three research
papers/articles – which should be referenced in the essay
● Present a reference list in the end of the essay

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