Write a discussion board to converse about the Snort installation.

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Write a discussion board to converse about the Snort installation. Requirement: Two postings of checks that can be performed. And cross examination of at least one other post – check on your classmates′ ideas, if they do not work as a good check, explain why. If they do work as a good check, post why. You must post before being able to reply to others. Please examine install instructions: https://tinyurl.com/prp6t57k (Links to an external site.) Look through each step and identify or determine a test that can be performed that will validate if the stage or system is operational. This can be as simple as validating that a command ran properly without error like that of ″snort -v″ or looking at a directory to make sure files are being updated (as the case of rules download). This system is complex due to the number of entities/programs/dependencies that exist.

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