Discuss how race, class, and gender interact to influence sentencing in youth court.

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Submit a 1000 word essay on one of the following topics related to this course. (APA Formatting for this Essay)
This essay is to be based on your individual understanding and perspective of one of the subject topics, listed below. Formal research is required to support your individual understanding. You must have an Introduction to this essay, a body to the essay that clearly demonstrates your understanding of the topic and a fully explained Conclusion that states what you have learned during the writing of this essay.

1) The Juvenile Delinquent Act VS. Youth Criminal Justice Act
3) Youth Corrections and Going to Jail in 2017
4) Does our Present day Justice System work when dealing with the youth of today?
5) Explain what Youth profiling is and why it doesnt really solve the problem of youth at risk in todays society
6) Explain to me as your Professor, what you have learned by taking this Course at Seneca College
7) Compare and contrast the welfare, justice, crime-control, and restorative justice models of juvenile justice.
8) How can we explain increases in violent crime rates since the Youth Criminal Justice Act was implemented?
9) Discuss the ways in which race, class, and gender impact police use of discretion in processing young offenders.
10) Discuss how race, class, and gender interact to influence sentencing in youth court.
11) Reflect on and write a paper on the implications for youth of the corrections concept behind the Youth Criminal Justice Act. That is the idea of a custody and supervision system.
12) What types of correctional programming have been recommended for Indigenous young offenders that would be consistent with Indigenous cultural values?
13) What are girls programming needs, and how do they differ from the needs of male youth? Do you think that girls needs are likely to be met in correctional programming?

Essay should be written in APA format and must have a cover page and a bibliography. You word count does not include your title page or bibliography. Paper must be typed double spaced

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