How did Carol frame the issue to gain support from possible opponents?

Please read and watch the attachments then answer the following questions: Framing the issue is critical in policymaking. How did Carol frame the issue to gain support from possible opponents? What was the issue of concern to most opponents? Who were some stakeholders in Carols issue? What was critical for her success in working with them? There are several ways for an idea to become law in Oregon. What was the process that Carol pursued to develop a law permitting health care staff to report blood alcohol levels? How does the law align with our Nursing Code of Ethics (for example: What ethical principles are involved? What ethical dilemmas are inherent in the issues of this case?) What have you learned about health care advocacy and the role of the nurse? Nurses have the opportunity to affect change through nursing advocacy, from a micro to a macro level. In 1989 an RN in OHSU’s Emergency Department, Carol Bonnono, was faced with an ongoing ethical dilemma caring for patients who were drunk driving; yet she could not report this to the police due to confidentiality laws. Her impetus to affect change came after a horrific drunk driving accident rocked the Portland area. With this assignment, you will learn about her journey to establish a law allowing nurses to report blood alcohol levels to the police thereby improving the health of the public. As you listen to her story, take notes on how ideas become law, how to frame an issue, key strategies for achieving policy goals, the length of time required to effect change in public policy, and how to work with others to achieve a goal. Carol exemplifies nursing leadership as she demonstrates how powerful one voice from one RN can be in making a difference when you are passionate about something.Show more

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