compare Teddy Roosevelt to leaders of today

i choose as my leader. Teddy Roosevelt-The Rough Rider in the White House.pdf After reading this article, compare Teddy Roosevelt to leaders of today. It is unlikely that a person like Teddy Roosevelt would be elected present today. How has the image of a politician in the national spotlight changed since Roosevelt’s time? How is it the same? Record some observations about how Presidents’ leadership has changed over time in your journal. ***Throughout your readings this week, you came across several different leaders that were mentioned as examples of leadership. Pick a leader of your choosing that you felt you can look up to due to their leadership skills. Explain why you feel this? Include some background on their life, what did they contribute to society, and how do you relate to them. Write a 1-2 page essay APA formatting style. Look under Purdue Owl for APA 7th Edition Guidelines.

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