How were ideals, practices, or the struggles for good government, or the social good similar or different in Confucianism (represented by Confucius and Sima Qian) and Legalism (represented by Han Fei and the First Emperor) in Ancient China? How were the different views affected by the respective political situations of those times? Whose views are more justified? From what perspectives?

Construct a thesis statement (formulated as an argument) in your opening paragraph. The final paragraph (as a conclusion of your paper) needs to refine your thesis statement. (Another option: In the final paragraph, you can raise a question (instead of a thesis) that prompts a debate. In this case, your conclusion should have the first statement of your thesis.)
Cite the relevant sources that we discussed during the classes to support your thesis.
Select one of the methods of inquiry used in the disciplines of history, literary study, and philosophy.
Give a word count at the end of the paper:

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