How has the dance evolved?

Research protest dances on YouTube, and after select one protest dance/work/dance that spoke to you the most. Research the history of the time and details around what the protest was for. Find out what impacted this work had on history or its place today. Research a type of dance from your country of origin or ancestry or from a country you have always wanted to visit. Find at least two samples of the dance. Make sure you give details about the dance itself and how it is connected the culture of where it began. How has the dance evolved? Research tap dance online. Explore its history and videos of past and current tap dance performances. Choose three of your favorite video findings, and share with details about how these works connect with tap dance history. Choose one dancer who best exemplifies hip-hop dance and state why (description, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation). Make sure you include video of this dancer and discuss/share their impact on hip-hop history. Research the evolution of social dance. What social dances were familiar to you? What social dances were new to you? Share your favorite three social dances (include videos of each), and prepare why they appealed to you. Also include historical details of where these dances started and how the evolved to what they are today.