What evidence is presented that supports their point of view (facts provided in the article)

(ANSWER THE QUESTIONS OF EACH SECTION AND TITLE EACH PART AS SECTION #1,#2,#3, #4, #5, #6, #7. I WILL TRANSFER THE INFORMATION INTO POWERPOINT MYSELF BUT PLEASE MAKE SURE EACH OBJECTIVE IS MET BELOW!) -Students will summarize and analyze one current newspaper article (written in 2021) – The article must relate to some aspect of health policy on a health care issue that could influence health policy. PLEASE PICK A SIMPLE NEWSPAPER ARTICLE ( 2021) -One critique will use an article from the Business section of the newspaper (Topical outline will inform you when to select an article from the Business section). -The article will be summarized and presented – The article posted must be cited in APA format (see APA Style Manual 7th edition for citing newspaper articles). -The only reference used in the critique is the actual newspaper article. -Explanation for grading the health policy critique presentation follows: Grading Components Content Summary (10 points per critique) 1. Title section: Name of the article, your name, and College name(DO NOT LIST THE AUTHOR) ( points) 2. Brief description of the issue or issues presented in the article (slide #1) ( points). a. Do not use the author(s) name (this will be provided on the References slide) b. Do not include the article title (this is done on the title slide) 3. Identify key stakeholders (., nurses such as RNs, NPs, advocacy organizations such as NYSNA, AMA, particular groups, etc.) who may have proposed the issue, may be affected by the issue, or proposed a specific policy (1 slide) (2 points). a. Must be specific the public and the government are too broad b. Who is the intended audience? 4. Briefly analyzed the article by answering the following questions (section #2-3) (4 points) a. What point is the author(s) making? b. What evidence is presented that supports their point of view (facts provided in the article) c. Does this issue affect the work you currently do? i. If yes, how so? ii. If no, why not? d. How does this issue affect your patients? i. If yes, how so? ii. If no, why not? 5. APA References slide (last slide) (1 point) Clarity and APA Requirements All presentations must meet standards for scholarly writing and graduate level work. Your presentation should be well written (clarity) and meet selected APA style and formatting standards (reference citations, title slide without the Running header, doi hyperlink in citation). Clarity Mechanics: Presentation is coherent, grammar issues as applicable Language: No medical jargon, no colloquialisms (slang and informal ways of speaking) unless using this language for a reason (repeating a conversation or giving an example). NO QUOTES ALLOWED in presentation PARAPHRASE Clarity Summary 1. Presentation was organized in a logical manner 2. Ideas were clearly presented 3. Medical jargon not used 4. Complete sentences used when applicable 5. Correct spelling APA Summary 1. Title Slide Article name or shortened version if more than 12 words 2. Headings for each slide (., Stakeholders is a heading for a slide) a. Title slide does not have a Running header b. Title slide contains presentation title, name, Mercy College 3. Newspaper reference cited correctly 4. References slide (References (the word) centered on the slide) 5. Lines indented after Line 1 6. Newspaper URL (if using an online journal) a. Retrieved from MAKE SURE IT TAKES YOU TO THE ARTICLE. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS ARTICLE: “This lab charges $380 for a covid test. Is that what congress has in mind?”Show more

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