Write an Analysis of Orwell’s 1984 from a Criminal Justice perspective.

Write an Analysis of Orwell’s 1984 from a Criminal Justice perspective.Login for writer: hidden, available for the assigned writer onlyPassword for writer: hidden, available for the assigned writer onlyThe two papers written for this course must be formatted to APA requirements. Among other things that means you must provide a title page in APA format and a source page in APA format. Sources must be cited in text and must be cited using APA format. All assignments should be written in a narrative (what you may call paragraph) format. Papers are to be double spaced, 12 pt font (12 pt Times New Roman is the preferred font for these assignments) and use standard margins. Bullet points are only appropriate when providing a list and are an exception to my previous sentence regarding double spacing, bulleted sections are to be single spaced; that said, I would really rather you not use them as they are often an artificial support preventing us from expressing ourselves well and some students use them as filler. Avoid quotations; quotations are only appropriate when the original author stated the point so perfectly that for you to change a single word would destroy the meaning of the sentence. Such statements are exceedingly rare. You need to paraphrase, or better, use the source to support expression of what you understand the source to mean relevant to the point you are trying to make. Either way, any use of source material must be cited correctly using APA formatting; anytime you use the barest elements of someone elses idea or information, you must give credit where due. Failure to do so is theft of intellectual property; that is, plagiarism. Plagiarism is both theft and fraud; theft in that you stole someone elses ideas and fraud in that you are attempting to pass those ideas as your own. If you must quote, and there are rare occasions where quoting is appropriate, APA standards require that your citation in text contains in addition to the authors (or authors) last name(s) and the year of publication, the page number of the quotation. Other use of someone elses ideas or information requires name and year of publication, only; see the APA manual. Cite at the end of the first sentence where you use the information; not at the end of the paragraph. Please refer to the APA manual or the numerous good web pages that are intended to help with the APA. Purdue Owl has become a standard, but it is not perfect. Using Word to auto-format does not work well. Please dont just guess or blow off formatting errors will cost you points. If you must copy paste sources into the source list you need to edit them into APA format and the same font youve used for the rest of the paper; when I look at a source list and see multiple fonts and formats I reduce my opinion of the authors level of engagement, attention to detail, and ability. Orwells 1984 and Bradbury Fahrenheit 451 are classics of a genre called dystopian novels or dystopian science fiction although neither novel is really science fiction. Both novels are relevant to a class on criminal justice ethics as both novels deal with the ethics of formal social control; the criminal justice system is the embodiment of formal social control. Read the books. While reading try to be aware (perhaps take notes) of events that you regard as ethical or unethical in nature; for example, events involving loyalty, obedience to orders, obedience to unethical laws, honesty, basic rights, etc. Choosing a category of ethics, for example loyalty, obedience, honesty, or etc. as an overall theme for your paper, in an essay discuss the authors treatment of your chosen theme with emphasis on your reactions to the authors treatment of the theme. It would be best to do so within the context a specific incident or incidents portrayed in the books. The theme or themes chosen must be clearly related to ethics as presented in this class and you must make the relationship clear in your essay. If in doubt ask me, either during class or office hours.

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