.Develop a policy on using a wait list and holding spaces in the child care center.

Sometimes a family will ask to be put on a waiting list when the center is at capacity in that age group for their children. Some times families are expecting another baby and request that a space be held for the new baby. Sometimes the families request that the child care program hold spaces for the new baby and the child (ren) who are already enrolled while the mother is on maternity leave. Consider the following scenario when developing the policy.Shanna, the director of a child care and education program, has been approached by 4 families who have announced that they are expecting babies in about 6 months. They want her to hold places for the new children, and they also want to keep the older siblings at home for 3 months (without paying tuition) while the mothers are on maternity leave.Develop a policy on using a wait list and holding spaces in the child care center.

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