Write an essay that details the American Revolution.

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The American Revolution is still one of the most written about wars ever. It is no surprise that the American constitution is the most copied constitution in the world. The American Revolution indeed was a turning point in humanity although many of the actual participants most likely did not see it that way, they simply saw it as a means to an end. And as you learned in the previous chapter, King George was the biggest obstacle for the development of the American colonies. As they saw it, he had to be removed in order to let the American economy flourish. Now I say that they did not see the enormity of their actions because we cannot deny that even though it was a lofty war for one group of Anglo settlers to displace another group of settlers, their was no justice for the enslaved and the Native Americans that had been displaced. Nonetheless, the social justice goals of the war are now enjoyed by ALL. Your essay task this week is to write an essay that details the American Revolution. Focus on the development of the eventual American victory over the British crown. That is write an essay that highlights what it was like for Americans before the war, during the war and what were the details of the American victory.

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