Write an Essay on Race and Gender Descrmination at work place.

Write an Essay on Race and Gender Descrmination at work place. Strong Essay with excellent grammar. Guidelines: 1) Purpose/Goal: Obejectively report on 3 different perspectives related to your issue. Note: you are not defending your own beliefs. No “you/we/us/our” only use voice markers. Stay formal, objective, coherent and use credible research. 2) Audience Outcomes: Should feel informed of the topic. They should understand various perspectives related to your issue. Who believes in What and Why, why do they hold these beliefs? Structure: Part 1-: opening/ provide what’s happening RIGHT NOW. Your opening needs to identify WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHEN. What is the current cultural conversation? Part 2: ( the majority of the paper 3 paragraphs) * Three different perspectives. *Representation: equal representation: a piece of research for each perspective * Proportion: Equal proportion: paragraphs should roughly be the same size. Part 3: Provide your belief. You may use “I” language: Bio about yourself and how you relate to the topic. Why is this important to you?

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