Which variables have a significant effect on profit?

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For the second discussion board assignment, you will analyze the data that we downloaded and use regression analysis to examine which factors influence firm performance. A paper by Lee (2009) examines the role that firm size plays in profitability. Our assignment is loosely modeled after this paper if you are interested in reading more about this topic.Discussion Questions1.Run a multiple regression with profit as the dependent variable and the other variables as controls. Make sure to omit an industry dummy as the reference category. (Hint: Your regression coefficients for the industries will vary depending on which one you leave out as the reference category. Do not try to compare your answer to others’ if you are not using the same reference category.)a.Interpret your results. Which variables have a significant effect on profit? b.Do your coefficients have the expected sign?2.You also suspect that the effect of firm size may differ by industry, particularly for firms in “

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