Explain magnesium’s relationship with calcium.

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U3-Dietary Analysis Assignment This is a time-consuming assignment. Assignment Task: Submit to complete this assignment U3 – DIET ANALYSIS Complete and submit by the date and time indicated in the assignment area. 1. Accurately keep track of 2 days of intake (24 hr/day), including all meals, snacks, and liquids consumed. Also make a notation of any supplements that you take that day on your written report. Keep in mind that you will not be able to input them in the dietary analysis software. Choose 1 weekday and 1 weekend day. Be sure to write down the date, day of the week, food and quantity. If it is a mixed food, you will have to estimate the ingredients e.g. tossed salad might contain 1 cup lettuce, ¼ c. grated carrot, ½ c. cucumber, etc. To be more precise, you should measure quantities. 2 Use dietary analysis software at http://cronometer.com/ or 3.) purchase My Diet Analysis software from http://www.pearsonhighered.com/mydietanalysis/ No other software program is acceptable because many others do not analyze all known nutrients. If you are using cronometer.com, follow the directions below: Start a free account at cronometer.com Click on the “Diary” tab at the top of the page Click on the “Add Food” button and add food intake for that day into your diary. Remember to adjust your input to include the correct amount. Click on the “Add Exercise” button and add exercise for that day into your diary. Remember to adjust the amount of time to the correct amount you actually spend on that exercise. Also, be sure to choose the correct pace of your cardio workout. A 3.0 mph pace is a 20 minute mile. A 4.0 mile pace is a 15 minute mile. When you have added all of your information, click on the “Trends” tab at the top of the page. Then click on “Nutrient Report”. This will give you all of your nutrient information for the day. Be sure to create a separate Nutrient Report for each day that you are analyzing. To save or print a copy, you will need to highlight all of the information on the page and copy/paste it into a Word document. Remember that you will need the information on this report to complete your written dietary report. In addition, you will need to turn in your nutrient reports along with your written dietary report. If any part is missing, it will result in a large deduction in points for the assignment. Evaluate your food intake using a thorough written report, typed, double spaced, using Arial font size 12 with margins no greater than 1.25”. The written report should be a minimum of 3 pages. Any paper that is shorter than 3 full pages will receive point deductions. The paper should be written as a report and not just answers under the questions. AGAIN, DO NOT JUST LIST ANSWERS UNDER THE QUESTIONS. THIS SHOULD BE WRITTEN AS A PAPER IF YOU WANT TO RECEIVE CREDIT. Answers to the following questions should be included in this report. 1. Look up your Intake and DRI Goals. How did the nutrients listed below compare? a) kcalories b) cholesterol c) protein d) sodium e) carbohydrate f) calcium g) fat h) iron 2. a. How does your intake of magnesium compare to the DRI goals? b. Explain magnesium’s relationship with calcium. c. How does vitamin D assist with calcium absorption? 3. Pick another nutrient other than those listed above. Note your “nutrient of choice” and how it compared to recommended standards? 4. How does your cholesterol and sodium compare with the American Heart Association guidelines? (<300 mg cholesterol/day and 2400 mg sodium/day) 5. How did your lifestyle and emotional state affect your consumption? 6. How does your actual energy intake compare to your total energy needs as calculated earlier this semester in the resting energy expenditure assignment? 7. a. What was your frequency and spacing of meals/snacks? b. Did the weekend day differ from the weekdays? 8. What suggestions do you have for your own improvement, and what can you conclude from this study? 9. a. Explain how a complete vegan diet (no meat, dairy, fish, poultry or eggs) can provide proper nutrition. Be specific and detailed in your response. 10. Do you get most of your nutrition from pre-packaged foods or fresh whole foods? Explain. Given your understanding of nutrition, would that make a difference? 11. a. Does your nutritional intake include any gluten-free, natural, or organic foods? b. What does each of these terms mean? c. What are the differences among these types of foods? d. What are their similarities? e. Explain the benefits, if any, of eating any foods from these categories. 4. Turn in this written dietary analysis along with the nutrient reports. This can be cut and pasted into the submission area. To do this, you must also submit an attached document.

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