Research Paper about Post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Research Paper about Post-traumatic stress disorder. Part I. Name and discuss your topic thoroughly. You can cite personal connections if applicable, but be sure to state factual information to support your position. Cite your references. a. Explain in detail (with depth and clarity) this issue. Be sure to cite references or sources. Remember that your opinion is important but NOT when you have to objectively deal with an issue. If you have a problem looking for references or sources, consult the Librarian. They are available to help you. Be mindful of proper citation .Cite at least 4 (preferably more) references for this part of your paper. b. Discuss how this issue is related to other existing issues. Identify and explain very well this connection. Consider the viewpoints of several experts. Be mindful of your sources. Cite as many references as possible. c. Identify and discuss at least one psychological theory (more is better) applicable to the issue you have chosen. Explain thoroughly the application. Support your explanation with factual information (NOT your opinion or personal experience). Part II Discuss your position or core belief regarding the issue. Remember that your opinions are ok to cite but they should be supported with factual proof. Cite as many references as you can to justify your position. One tip is to cite published research findings of the issue. Logically elaborate on your position and formulate your conclusion. Cite as many references as you can.

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