Explain the historical significance of social tolerance for family violence.

1. Explain the historical significance of social tolerance for family violence. Discuss social tolerance of violence and its impact to families, survivors of violence and law enforcement’s efforts, involvement and resolution attempts.2. Discuss why children abused by family violence may or may not themselves become offenders. Describe the consequences of family violence on subsequent juvenile behaviors.3. Describe how intimate family violence victimization may impact males differently as compared to female survivors. Discuss how gender socialization can make it more difficult for male domestic violence survivors. Provide examples. 4. Discuss pet abuse in the context of IPV. Identify five reasons, or barriers, to leaving an abusive relationship.5. Provide descriptions of batterers. Discuss their general age and gender description, the types of behavior exhibited, abuser characteristics, fear and intimidation tactics, and styles of violence utilized in IPV.

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