Write a book Review“on The Ugly American”

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Write a book Review“on The Ugly American” At the top of the first page, give the author (last name first), book title underlined or in italics, publisher and place of publication. Each review should contain three main elements: THESIS, DEVELOPMENT AND CRITIQUE. I. Thesis- this is a statement of the author’s proposition or point of view with regard to the field of subject matter. It may be expressed explicitly or implicitly. It may consist of several theses, bound together in the subject matter. In general, the thesis is the unifying element of the book. Why was this book written? II. Development- this is the manner in which the author proves his thesis. How does he argue his position or proposition? Analysis not mere summary of the book’s content is desirable. Some examples should be given to show how the author proves his thesis. III. Critique- you should evaluate what you have read. Criticism is not necessarily adverse. You should indicate the author’s qualifications to write on this subject. Does the author have a particular bias? Does the author prove his thesis? How does this book add to your understanding of the historical period that it represents? In the last paragraph include your candid reaction to the book. Your personal viewpoint of the book will not in any way influence your grade for this report.

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