Write a summary on Is Smart Technology Making Us Dumb

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One: Summarize the essay in a paragraph. Keep the summary brief … a quick overview will do the job. The summary’s job is simply to start off the discussion in a smooth, easy-to-follow fashion.Two: Explain what is, in your view, the most promising/optimistic element of the article. As we did with assignment six, but sure to explain why you find this element promising and/or optimistic. Don’t rush through this section … it will require more than just a couple of paragraphs. Our goal is to explain our views clearly to our readers, and that can’t be hurried.Three: Explain what is, in your view, the least promising/optimistic element. And again, explain why this element is the least promising/optimistic. Be sure to patiently explain your views.Finally: are there human services and/or professions that just shouldn’t be carried out by artificial intelligence, robots, automation, and so on? For instance, much work in the law, accounting, financial services, etc. has indeed been claimed by artificial intelligence: by high-tech, in other words. Another example: consider how self-driving cars will morph—inevitably—into self-driving trucks, thus threatening truck drivers with mass unemployment. Given that possibility, should we say, “Let’s draw the line with the trucking industry!” Or: consider the fact that robots now perform end-of-life care for the very ill. Should the line be drawn there? That said, perhaps you think that no line should be drawn anywhere

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