What is the biggest inefficiency in the movie industry?

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Describe how Netflix uses collaborative filtering software to match movie titles with customer tastes? List the ways this software helps Netflix garner sustainable competitive advantage? Instructions:Using an application such as Microsoft Word and based on your text and supplemental reading, please address the question. Your response should have 3 to 5 properly constructed paragraphs with 3 to 5 properly constructed sentences per paragraph. Remember spelling and grammar count as much as adequately addressing the question! Upon completion, please name your assignment “Yourname Unit 7 Assignment” and submit to the Unit 7 Assignment dropbox.Grading Rubric: To receive full credit you must satisfy the following criteria:Content:Did you state why Netflix felt there was demand and money to be made?What is the biggest inefficiency in the movie industry?What did Netflix leverage?How did Netflix get a competitive advantage?

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