What did you learn about life in that country?,

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The goal of this assignment is to familiarize yourself with current events and news taking place in a Spanish-speaking country. Please choose Mexico. For this assignment you will search national or local newspapers (either in print or online) for recent articles about that Spanish-speaking country. The articles can be on any topic, but should have been published in the last 6 months.Select three articles of interest. They may dealing with different aspects of the same topic/event, or they may be addressing three different events/news items. Your paper should include the following:A full citation for each articleA brief summary of each article (about one or two paragraphs)Your commentary: What did you learn about this country from this article? What are some of the issues this country is dealing with? Why are they newsworthy? What surprised you in reading this article? What did you learn about life in that country?, etc. You need to have consulted a minimum of 3 sources

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