EWhat does your professor do about smartphones in the “live” classroom? Is there a policy for their use?

Smartphones. We can’t live without them. Many college students are taking online courses and the debate of whether or not to text in the classroom is not an issue in that environment. However, most students that take online classes are taking “live” classes at the same time. What does your professor do about smartphones in the “live” classroom? Is there a policy for their use? The purpose of this assignment is to think about how texting during class lecture might be affecting our listening comprehension and ultimately our grade in that class. Review the 6 steps of the complete listening process as described in the HURIER model (pages 145 to 147 in our text) include hearing, understanding, remembering, interpreting, evaluating and responding. Instructions Click on the link FSW database article (Links to an external site.). You will need to sign in with your student ID (user name) and the last 4 digits of your Social Security number (password) to access the article. Read the article titled “OMG! Texting in Class = U Fail 🙁 Empirical Evidence That Text Messaging During Class Disrupts Comprehension” written by Amanda C. Gingerich and Tara T. Lineweaver, published in 2014. Write a 500-600 word reaction essay in APA paragraph format that answers the following questions: What percentage of time do you believe you spend texting in a given class period?

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