Explain the differences between stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination.

Midterm Exam: The midterm exam will be comprised of essay questions. You must type your answer in 12-point times new roman font, double spaced with 1 inch margins. You will then submit your response in the Turnitin link in the “Course Content” folder on blackboard titled “Midterm Exam.”Directions: Respond to all three of the following questions. Be specific and detailed! (1 full page per question)1) What are the 3 different ways to measure class? Explain and provide an example of each.2) Which Amendment to the constitution afforded black men the right to vote and how did southern states continue to prevent black men from voting following its passage?3) Explain the differences between stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination. Who has the (most) ability to discriminate and why?Course Textbook: Barak, G., Leighton, P., & Cotton, A. (2015). Class, race, gender, & crime: The social realities of justice in America (4th ed). Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.

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