Describe the STUXNET Virus effects on the Iranian Uranium Enrichment Facility.

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BACKGROUND:The STUXNET Virus specifically targeted an industrial complex, causing significant damage to several types of machinery.ASSIGNMENT:For this assignment:1)Describe the STUXNET Virus effects on the Iranian Uranium Enrichment Facility.2)Identify how the virus was introduced into the plant control system.3)Identify any other countries in which the STUXNET virus was discovered and, if possible, how it was introduced there.Organization: Small intro paragraph at the beginning including an overview of the assignment questions. Headings and Subheadings should be used to organize your paper (as in the example provided to answer each part of the paper). Attached are required sources to READ in order to have enough background knowledge, if no PDF is attached please use the link in the sources document provided. You are allowed to use other scholar sources if you need it to explain answers more in depth (U.S. Based sources only).

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