Review the material in chapter 9 on physical attractiveness.

Review the material in chapter 9 on physical attractiveness. One explanation for the what-is-beautiful-is-good stereotype is that we learn it as children. For this assignment, randomly choose 10-15 children’s books. Read through the books and make notes of the physical attractiveness of the characters and their traits. Are the traits primarily positive (goodness, warmth, etc) or negative (mean, dumb, etc)?Write a brief essay in which you explain the what-is-beautiful-is-good stereotype and whether or not research suggests that it is accurate or not. Then summarize the results of your review of the children books. Include a list of the books you reviewed as well as enough detail to present the results clearly (e.g. 6 of the books had “good” people being attractive). Then comment on whether or not what you found was consistent with the what-is-beautiful is good stereotype.Write your essay in a word processing program and save the essay to your computer as a .docx file.

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