Explain the buyer decision process of choosing Cartems, and also describe at least three digital touch points.

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You can write in paragraphs or use bullets. Please be specific and explain your answers. Be realistic, do not create any new events.Cartems, one of Vancouver’s most popular donut destinations cares about three simple things: smiles, conversation, and donuts. Cartems offers a variety of donuts at its two locations. The gourmet donut shop has its original location on Pender Street in Downtown Vancouver and its second shop on Main Street in Mount Pleasant. Cartems also has donuts available on Skip The Dishes.Go to the Cartem’s website at www.cartems.com to begin your research and analysis. The following questions are with respect to their social media marketing strategy. Please read each question carefully and answer in complete sentences or point form. EXPLAIN your answers clearly, be specific, checking your spelling and grammar.:1.Based on your review of the Cartems, draft a buyer persona of a customer they should engage with socially online. Be specific, use market segmentation AND highlight the user’s social media usage. (demographics, geographics, psychographics and behavioural)2.Explain the buyer decision process of choosing Cartems, and also describe at least three digital touch points. 3.Do an internal audit of three (your choice) of Cartems’ social media marketing activities. Describe these using examples that Cartems has implemented.4.In the text, there are four steps to identifying a potential social media crisis (Chapter 15). Scenario: Given the Provincial Health Officer’s guidance on masks, Cartems is asking all customers who visit either location to wear masks, regardless of whether or not they are vaccinated. A number of customers have entered the store recently and Cartems staff have asked them to wear masks and even refused service. Cartems management is in full support of their staff. This has resulted in an increase in posts on Cartems’ social platforms critical of the store policy. Using these four steps, draft and describe an approach.

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