Describe the of the “War of the Roses” in Medieval England.

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HIS101: Research AssignmentYou have two options for your Research Assignment. You may turn in the paper by Blackboard submission in the Turn-It-In folder. You are required to utilize MLA-style citation and Works Cited. (Please do NOT use auto-generated citation engines). The paper should be between 3-5 pages, typed in size 12 Times New Roman font, format with one-inch margins, and double-spaced. You should utilize no less than five sources in your research- at least one must be a primary source (I recommend utilizing the library webpage).1.Describe the of the “War of the Roses” in Medieval England. Who were the principal players and what were the major causes and outcomes? How did primogeniture figure into the equation and who should legitimately have taken the throne? Explain your answers with supporting evidence from your research. 2.What was the Italian Renaissance and what influence did it have on the rest of Western Civilization? What types of art was produced? Describe different mediums of art, specific works, and the artists themselves. Do those contributions have any influence on the world today?

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