Describe and justify two distinct ways that data will be collected in your study

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In previous assignments, youhave decided on a specific set of variables that you will examine to meet the goals outlined in the Call for Proposals, justified the variables to the stakeholders, outlined your hypotheses, and begun to outline your research methodology in more detail. In Assignment 3, you will continue to go into more detail about how your study will be conducted by describing the specific ways by which data will be collected! In particular, in the thirdproposal assignment you will complete the following:•Describe and justify two distinct ways that data will be collected in your study•Develop two distinct data collection tools•Complete a proposal budget given the design and methods that you have proposed.•Justify the budgetary choices that you have made.Specific instructions for each of these subsections are provided below.This information corresponds to the course content that we have been covering, so be sure to work through the weekly readings and lectures before beginning this assignment.As you are working on each step of your proposal, be sure to refer back to the “Call for Proposals” in the Assignment Overview document to review the general proposal criteria.

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