How much money is left over after taxes?

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Question 110 PointsA person has a weekly salary of x dollars, and gets a raise of 10% which is worth $42. Calculate x, the weekly salary? Round to the nearest cent.Learn This:Take 42 and divide by the decimal value of 10%Round your answer to 2 decimal places.Question 210 PointsA 40 person committee is deciding to add a player to the Hall of Fame. One fifth voted in favor, one fourth voted against and the rest abstained. How many abstained?Learn This:One fifth of 40 is 8One fourth of 40 is 10The number abstained can be found by calculating 40 minus 8 minus 101222810Question 310 PointsA person works and earns $3457 dollars but on a pay stub pays 54% to tax. How much money is left over after taxes? 

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