Describe 7 best practices a manager should implement as a leader.

Assessment 2: Self-Reflective Essay (Individual Work) Session Due: Session 10 Length: maximum of 2500 words Marks: 100 (40%) Description: This assessment evaluates a student’s ability to integrate their understanding of the literature and learning covered in the entire module through a reflection on their personal qualities (strengths and development areas) considering that leadership, particularly self-insight is important for business managers (psychology applied). Integral to a student’s integration of their understanding of the literature in relation to their personal qualities is the ability of the student to identify personal development areas and the identification of relevant strategies for self-improvement and growth which are relevant for business managers as well as entrepreneurs. Instructions: Drawing from the literature covered in this module, please do the following: ▪ Describe 7 best practices a manager should implement as a leader. ▪ Follow the link below, sign up and complete the free online VIA Character Strengths questionnaire that will give you immediate results of your 24 signature personality-based strengths after completion. ▪ Link to access & complete the questionnaire: ▪ Based on your VIA questionnaire results and other insights that you generally know about yourself as a person: Identify and describe 5 personal qualities (strengths) that you have. ▪ Explain how each of the 5 identified qualities will help you to become a successful business manager/entrepreneur/business consultant in relation to the seven best practices of a manager that you initially described. ▪ Describe 3 areas of your personal qualities/characteristics that do not come naturally or are more difficult for you to use effectively. These are areas that you want to improve or develop further. ▪ Describe the strategies that you can apply to improve the development areas that you have identified. Consult academic literature and other sources where necessary in compiling your reflective essay.

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