What factors would contribute to your exercising discretion in this scenario

Discretion -Conflict Theory -Rational Choice Theory Main Scenario is this: You will act in the role as a police officer who is dealing with a juvenile. This juvenile is out past curfew. Curfew violations are a city ordinance and police officers may make an arrest in this situation or decide to handle the offense less formally. What factors would contribute to your exercising discretion in this scenario? According to rational choice theory individuals consciously weigh the risk and reward of an action before they break the law. If you subscribe to this theory, would there be a reason to use discretion in this circumstance? In understanding conflict theory discuss how this impacts the officer’s decision to arrest or not arrest individuals based on social class. Paper title should be: Three situational factors the police officer considers when dealing with Juveniles. These three listed sources MUST BE USED…others sources can also be cited of your own, however these main three sources have to be within the essay paper. -Juvenile Delinquency, Author John Randolph Fuller, Oxford University Press, Chapter Summary The Police, Chapter 12 (Discretion: How The Police Decide What To Do), stable URL: https://global.oup.com -Rational Choice , Deterrence, and Social Learning, Theory in Criminology: The Path Not Taken, Author Ronald J Akers, Source: The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology (1973-), Autumn 1990 Vol. 81, No 3 (Autumn, 1990), pp 653-676, Published by: Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law, stable URL: https//www.jstor.org/stable/1143850 -Roscoe Pound, “Discretion, dispensation and mitigation: The problem of the individual special case,” New York University Law Review (1960) 35:925,926

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