Explain how the marketing and sales strategies you have learned about can be applied to influence consumer and organisational buyer behaviour;

Reflect upon the process of sellers satisfying the differing purchasing demands of consumers (B2C) and businesses (B2B) as discussed in your reading thus far (see chapters 3 and 4 in particular); explore the range of marketing and sales strategies that are utilised by companies targeting buyers from these two distinct customer groups.Explain how the marketing … Read more

Create a change management plan that will convince the soon-to-be disgruntled executives to buy into the change.

You are an executive-level manager for a large marketing firm. Up until recently, your marketing executives enjoyed a myriad of perks including travel to meet with clients, laptop computers, free gym memberships, and company cars. However, after your firm lost a high producing account, marketing executives will lose some of the important benefits to which … Read more

Discuss a social, environmental, or political problem that is of local, national, or global concern

Note: Be sure to focus only on the causes of the problem in this paper; do not consider effects or solutions.A. Write a causal analysis essay (suggested length of 3–5 pages). In your essay, do the following:1. Address an appropriate topic.2. Provide an effective introduction.3. Provide an appropriate thesis statement that previews two to four … Read more

escribe one thing you never knew that was stated in this video.

Watch the following video: https://youtu.be/4xkXjj6dalM Write a response no longer than one page. Your response should inlcude: 1. Describe one thing you never knew that was stated in this video. 2. Prove or disprove one assertion made in this video using you knowledge of statistics. You need to cite your sources and show how statistics … Read more