Write essay that guide by following guidelines: first pages is about three ways advanced theoretical knowledge of the Rhetoric & Philosophy of Communication.

Write essay that guide by following guidelines: first pages is about three ways advanced theoretical knowledge of the Rhetoric & Philosophy of Communication. second page is about A. central question(s) of scholarly in this book. B. what are the metaphorical pattern and relate to the key scholarly argument in the book. C. Respond to the … Read more

What assessment process would you use such as questioning, prompting, offering suggestions, etc., to diagnose evidence of student learning?

Instructions You will develop a comprehensive lesson for a subject and grade of your choice that will emphasize Objectives and Evaluations for grades Pre-K through 3rd grades. The lesson will need to have its own objectives for student learning as well as an overarching goal(s). For the lesson, you will need to create assessment instruments … Read more

Public Law and Research Skills

Public Law and Research Skills Referred Coursework 1 2022 Module Codes: LAW_11752; LAW_22401 The Question “A satisfactory definition of the royal prerogative has eluded very learned people. Yet the notion of the royal prerogative is one of major significance in British constitutional law and practice, because from it flow many of the most important powers … Read more

Shakespeare Argument or Creative Character Analysis

Choose any one of the following assignments: Explore how literature reveals the complexities of being human in any one of the following prompts (EITHER PROMPT 1 OR PROMPT 2): Assignment: Prompt 1 Format (Choose One) Descriiption Prompt 1—Shakespeare Essay/Does Shakespeare Still Matter? Argumentative Essay OR Write or present a convincing argument with supporting textual evidence … Read more

Case study of IDEO Product Development from Haward Business School

IDEO Product Development https://store.hbr.org/product/ideo-product-development/600143 An executive case analysis addressing the below questions You have studied IDEO’s process, organization, culture, and management. What are the strengths and weaknesses of IDEO’s approach to product development? Would you recommend to your CEO to adopt any / all / or some of IDEO’s approach to make your company more … Read more

Statehood in regard to sea level and sea rise

Statehood in regard to sea level and sea rise [there is no need to analyze PSIDS’s position re statehood, just write directly Australia and NZ’s positions] [use bluebook format for the footnote] a. Australia’s position with regard to PSIDS’s position of keeping their statehood when losing their qualification of being a state, support or not … Read more

Applied Human Computer Interaction

Aim To enable students to gain an understanding of a few selected topics related to human perception, memory and thinking and their relevance to HCI through individually researching a topic and, then as a group, designing and overseeing an interactive class activity. Overview of Assessment: This assignment has an individual and a group component. Individually … Read more

Professional Response Proficient paper, based on grading scale attached.

see instructions attached. Additional Instructions Develop a 3–4 page professional response to the supervisor using the Letter Template [DOCX], which has two main components. In your response: Identify the qualities of a successful leader and compare them to your own leadership characteristics. Make recommendations on how to lead and foster teamwork. Additional Requirements Your assessment … Read more

Does living in the urban environment affect the behaviour of wild animals towards people?

Animals increasingly share human-built environments, but how this has affected their behaviour remains a key question in urban ecology This project will explore if/how living in anthropogenic environments affects animals’ antipredator responses to humans (including animals’ ability to use human gaze as a measure of risk). Particularly suitable study species are squirrels and jackdaws. A … Read more

Policy analysis paper

This assignment will require you write a policy analysis paper on an existing policy from the local, state, federal level. The policy must currently be in existence, as students will be asked to describe the outcomes of the policy. The policy analysis paper must be thoroughly researched and well written; length should be 6 to … Read more