Write a paper on “Texas Cattle Producers’ Use of Social Media for Beefing Up Engagement”

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Write a paper on “Texas Cattle Producers’ Use of Social Media for Beefing Up Engagement”Thesis proposal for advisor approval. Must contain need for research, purpose, research questions, conceptual framework, methodology, and references in APA 7th edition style. I have started and received feedback from my advisor. Feedback is in the word document as well as this email: “The main themes of my feedback are 1) referencing everything to the scholarly literature, 2) increasing specificity, and 3) continuing to refine the focus and journey of your research.” intention is to describe social media content used by Texas beef producers who sell direct-to-consumer to advertise their product(s) to determine the most effective tactics. Please correct anything you see fit. Will be submitted to Journal of Applied Communications.

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