Complete a narrative critique of Alt J’s “Breezeblocks” music videos.

Complete a narrative critique of Alt J’s “Breezeblocks” music videos. You will have two to watch. One will be the music video created originally for the song which tells the story in reverse and then you will watch it in the second version which shows it from beginning to end rather than end to beginning.
Your critique will need to include a discussion of the following:
Remember to analyze the narrative in terms of parts of narrative (characters, action, conflict, scene, etc.) Then explain if the narrative has cohesiveness and fidelity. Finally, compare the two versions of what happens in the narrative and then discuss what is the argument Alt J is making by showing the original music video in reverse. In other words, why do you think they made the decision to show the narrative in reverse? Make sure you provide visual examples and lyric quotes to support your critique. This should be 2-4 pages of critique in essay format.

-the first one is the official video in reverse

-this is the video foward

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