Describe the patient who uses CAM the most.

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1. Define CAM.
2. Describe the patient who uses CAM the most.
3. List some common misconceptions about CAM.
4. Identify methods of including the use of CAM in patient education.
5. Discuss the safe use of CAM.
6. List ways in which conventional medicine and CAM can be integrated.
7. Define ethical theories, ethical principles, and values.
8. Provide examples of ethical issues in patient education and compliance, and describe ways in which an effective professional/patient relationship and a poor health professional/patient relationship can impact these issues.
9. Explain what is meant by “ethical patient education practices”.
10. Explain the purpose of informed consent.
11. Discuss what factors determine the patient’s ability to give informed consent.
12. Compose a sample informed consent form. .
13. Discuss the process of communication to use with the patient and the family when obtaining informed consent.

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