Peer Response

Hey Class,

This is a great discussion topic this week. From the video, I love the professor’s example about being confident and how commanders’ confidence can affect soldiers. This is a very true statement! In the military or any job, your leader will affect your confidence in performance. Decision-making is a very intense factor in the military for the commander because he is the main person in the command situation.

For myself, I struggle with anchor bias the most! Anchoring biases are based on a person’s natural tendency to gravitate toward the first piece of information they receive and allow themselves to become influenced by it. (Team, 2022) I become easily stressed from this bias and been this way for a while. Usually, I am always in a rush to make decisions and often go with my first knowledge solution. I never take my time and sit down to think out my choices. I should start gathering more than one knowledgeable decision to fix this issue. This would give me options to choose from, resolving in better decisions.


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