Write an argumentation/persuasion essay on Should cellphones be allowed in the classroom?
Review the available documents and sources located at the Helpful Resources folder on the course menu.
Writing Assignment
Purpose: to persuade
Method of Development: your choice
Choose your own topic, but make sure that it is something that can actually be argued. You cannot argue something that is a fact. You can argue for or against something. Some examples are:
Should teenagers be able to play violent video games?
Should cellphones be allowed in the classroom?
Is social media destroying the way we communicate?
The above items can be argued but there are many others to choose from. The choice is yours. If you have something in mind but you are unsure if it will work as an argumentative/persuasive essay, please send me a message through the Messages link for assistance.
Brainstorm for topics.
Choose one topic, choose a method of development, and organize all details accordingly.