Database design and optimization

InstructionsAssume you work for a startup that has created a consumer product. You are starting to think about how to price the product.One of the considerations is how competitors’ retail prices for products in this marketplace have changed over time.The figure below provides you with an initial visualization of the data collected on the competitors’ products. It shows the average retail price over time for five consumer products (A, B, C, D, and E).If we consider the who, what, and how, let’s assume the following context:Who: VP of Product, the primary decision maker in establishing our product’s price.What: Understand how competitors’ pricing has changed over time and recommend a price range.How: Show average retail price over time for Products A, B, C, D, and E.The Big Idea could be something like: Based on analysis of pricing in the market over time, to be competitive, we recommend introducing our product at a retail price in the range $X–$Y.Please follow the below steps for this activity:1. Choose an appropriate display you can revamp the visualization using the data you have in the figure.2. Eliminate Clutter.3. Draw Attention Where You Want Your Audience to Focus.4. Take care of accessibility and aesthetics.5. Tell a Story: Prepare a set of slides