Financial/Informational Controls

Do make a written analysis of case.

Provide the following:
1. Situational Analysis – A thorough situational analysis must presented and explained.

2. Problem Statement and Analysis –
Clearly identifies problems/issues, based on the situational analysis. The problems/issues are prioritized, differentiating those that are important from those that are routine. Relationships among the problems are identified, with the underlying, primary or key problem/issue clearly designated.

3. Identification and Analysis of Strategic Alternative Actions –
Clearly identifies several strategic alternative actions that can be taken to address problems/issues. The list of alternatives is complete and linkage and problems/issues are clear, providing clear reasoning for inclusion as an alternative action. Each strategic alternative clearly represents a broad strategic direction.
Analysis of alternative actions is detailed. Any necessary assumptions are stated and justified. The analysis appropriately incorporates management control system concepts and analysis. The likely benefits/disadvantages of each action are clearly identified and supported by the analysis.

4. Recommendation –
A clear action plan is given, logically derived from alternative analysis, that provides optimal solution for identified problems/issues and that further makes sense, given the situational analysis; the recommendation is based on only one of the strategic alternative actions. Assumptions, caveats, ongoing considerations concerning recommendation are provided.