Computer science

Assignment Overview:This assignment offers you the opportunity to become familiar with how you can employ a commonly used spreadsheet program, Excel or Google Sheets, to analyze data and produce different types of visual results of data.Directions:1) An Excel file (attached) and a Google Sheets template (click to make your own copy) have been pre-loaded with data that you will use for this assignment. You may use either one. Before you begin, download/access the appropriate spreadsheet from the link in the assignments folder in the course information folder. There is no need to create your own data! Follow the step by step directions provided to you in this Prezi tutorial: Submit either the link to your Google Sheet (double-check the security is set so your instructor can view it) or your Excel spreadsheet to the Submission/Dropbox for this assignment.Remember:Save your work as you complete each step!You must use the Prezi Tutorial as your guideThe excel spreadsheet is attached: Excel Template-wk4.xls