Write a fiction narrative.

The assignment here is to write a fiction narrative. This should be your own original story that includes characters, dialogue, plot, and conflict, and is told from either David Lacks′ perspective or his daughter Deborah. One of these two will be the narrator, and the historical facts of Henrietta Lacks′ experience will be included, but the story itself should be your own creation. You decide what year it′s set in, where the narrator is living/what they are doing, and what situation they are experiencing (conflict) that brings out the facts of Henrietta′s life and death.In The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, the author reveals that Henrietta did not wish to donate her cells for research and that the family was not exactly pleased with the manner in which her body was used for science. Choose one of the following people from the text and write a 400 word minimum narrative from his or her point of view. You should include some of the facts and information from the text, but mostly this will be a fictionalized account of what happened based on your imagination. Character Perspectives: Deborah Lacks (Henrietta′s daughter) David Lacks (Henrietta′s husband) If you need help getting started, consider the following ideas as food for thought: 1) What time period do you wish to set your story (when Henrietta was living or after her death?) 2) Perhaps you′d like to write from Deborah′s perspective, growing up without her mother and later learning about her HeLa cells. 3) Consider writing from David′s perspective as he realizes his wife is dying or when he finds out that science has taken her cells without his knowledge or approval.

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